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NORPICO Product Manufacturing Process 


1. Raw Material Acceptance and Control


Material coming in Acceptance Appearance, Size, Chemical components Property test)

     Conforming Issuance of the certificate (filing) Identification Storage

Inconformity Issuance of the certificate (filing) Identification Separation


2. Raw material putting in control

   Production plan Material requisition (According to process flow) Pick-up List (Specification, Weight, Application, Heat number) Transferring to material cutting person Filling in the card of work in processing material cutting (According to process flow) Self-Inspection


3. Control in work process

      random check the products come from the last work step (attach the record card) Fill in record card of this work step processing according to process flow Self-Inspection

      Holding check- conforming to the requirement and then to next step


4. control in Heat treatment process

   Operator (qualified by tested) Operating according to process flow Checking the temperature record paper ok or not Recording the temperature and time filing the record paper Products after discharge Inspector 100% check the hardness (according to process) Recording the hardness

     Conforming Identification transferring to next work step.

        Inconformity Identification checking the reasons re-heat treated.


5. Control in final inspection operation

   Inspector (qualified) Performing inspection (appearance, G. size, NDE) according to the requirement stipulated in the Inspection process.

        Accepted issuing conformance certification Identification transferring to next operation.

        unaccepted Identification Separation.


6. Sample control

   when Po requires the test cutting material for Sample Identification Heat Treatment along with products flow then send for Chemical and physical test issuing certification filing


7. Shipping control

   Packing list Check the products according to Packing listthen Packing Put the shipping mark on the appointed place


8. Control for after sales

   Collecting the information for the delivered products feedback to the Department concerned Establishing measures Improving Implementing